National Assisted Living Week

About National Assisted Living Week

National Assisted Living Week will be held Sept. 11-17, 2022, with the theme “Joyful Moments.” During this time, assisted living communities are expected to celebrate the event.  They will host activities intended for people who are part of these communities – residents, family members, workers, and volunteers. The theme “Joyful Moments” highlights the wonderful memories shared by residents, workers, and volunteers in assisted living communities. The celebration also aims to remind the public about this long-term care service’s value for seniors and people with disabilities.

Assisted living communities are not just a community for seniors. In fact, most consider these communities as an extension of their family. These communities are a place of joy and happy moments. National Assisted Living Week is all about community. It is also an opportunity to honor all the people behind the functioning of these communities.  This includes everyone from the workers and volunteers, but also the residents. 

The website of NALW,, provides updated information and resources for everyone who wants to learn more about this occasion. They also have a planning guide on how communities could celebrate. Let’s look at some suggestions for activities below.

Show and Tell Event

In this activity, participants could share any object or photograph and discuss how it brought happiness to them. Sharing thoughts and feelings is a simple way of celebrating while still making the event special and meaningful. Everybody wants to hear a happy story. To the person sharing the story, the experience becomes more meaningful being shared with the community. This activity is best with the presence of family members. This way, they will be able to see what brings genuine joy and happiness to their loved ones.

Arts and Crafts Gallery

Art is for all ages. Most, if not all, seniors could easily appreciate art. This art could be a simple collage of happy photos, etc. Assisted living communities could provide art materials to seniors.  This encourages the expression of feelings of joy.  This activity is a good way to make use of time. All participants will have a good time planning and working on their artwork.  Form groups to work on the artwork together. This will provide more interaction between members of the community. Once the artwork is complete, display it for everyone to enjoy! 

Activity with Furry Friends

Animals like dogs bring a special kind of joy to everyone. The community can invite people from the local shelter for a dog visit. This will lighten up the day for everyone in the community. The best thing about dogs is you don’t have to do anything to enjoy their company. Just being around them, seeing them wag their tail, or lying on the ground could bring joy. A dog’s presence has a therapeutic effect on individuals, including seniors.  A photo booth would be perfect for this activity. The happy moment shared with furry friends is something everyone would love to cherish.  Encourage participants to share their photos with friends and family.  Display the photos around the property to show off the great day.

Fun Time with Great Music

Assisted living communities could also invite local musicians for an outdoor concert. Everyone could sing along or even dance while enjoying the music. In addition, elders who know how to play instruments could showcase their talent. Others could volunteer to sing and serenade the group. In fact, communities could take this a step further and create a talent show. This could showcase the talents of the various people in the community.

All the activities mentioned above are geared towards creating new happy, and wonderful memories in the assisted living community. As mentioned by Shelly Bache, First Quality Healthcare Leader, “This year’s theme encourages everyone to go beyond sharing happy memories and to create new moments that will be treasured for many years to come.”

Social Media is a good way for people to learn about the activities during National Assisted Living Week. Furthermore, this will encourage volunteers to take part in the activities.  Share the event with everyone outside and inside the community on social media. This lets friends and family members join in and create memories with their loved ones.

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