Know Your Numbers Week (September 5-11, 2022)

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About Know Your Numbers Week

The first Know Your Numbers Week took place in 2007 and had the theme ‘Finding The Missing Millions.’ It’s estimated that 16 million people in the U.K. have high blood pressure, but 5.3 million of them don’t know it. To address this, 2,700 ‘Pressure Stations’ were set up across the country to take pressure readings resulting in a quarter-million people being tested.

The momentum of the campaign began to grow, and 2009 saw a rise in media coverage for Know Your Numbers! Week It featured on GMTV, radio shows including BBC Radio 2 Drivetime, and national newspapers the ‘Daily Express’ and the ‘Daily Star.’ The campaign focused on the busiest areas in the U.K. which included train stations, shopping centers, and workplaces. The mission for 2012 was to know your numbers and the numbers of your partner. The campaign encouraged couples to get tested and know each other’s numbers.

With the rise of social media in 2017, the Know Your Numbers! campaign began trending online and continued to do so yearly with the hashtag #KnowYourNumbers. The posters reached over 21,000 people on Twitter and were among the most successful campaigns on the social media site. In 2019 the Know Your Numbers! campaign ‘Live Well For Longer’ reached 52,8000 people online and was featured on Arsenal football club’s website. In 2020 the campaign went virtual and encouraged people to buy or borrow a home blood pressure monitor. Additionally, the campaign created and distributed a collection of home monitoring resources. These included a guide to checking your blood pressure at home, a home-monitoring record card to track blood pressure numbers, and a video explaining how to measure blood pressure and what the numbers mean.

What Does Know Your Numbers mean?

Know Your Numbers! is a campaign that encourages people to learn their numbers related to cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and body mass index (BMI).

Why Do You Need to Know Your Numbers?

Your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, your blood pressure, and other numbers are key markers of your health. Keep these numbers at their normal levels to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5 Facts About High Blood Pressure

  1. It often has zero symptoms

    When high blood pressure goes untreated, it can cause a heart attack or a stroke.

  2. It is easily treatable and managed

    High blood pressure and diseases it causes are manageable by medicine and lifestyle changes.

  3. It is the third health-risk factor

    After smoking and poor diet, high blood pressure is the third high-risk factor for all diseases.

  4. More men have this disease

    In an England study, 31% of men were found to have high blood pressure as compared to just 26% of women.

  5. Many people remain undiagnosed

    In England, there are more than five million people who are unaware of their blood pressure status.

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