In-House Testing for Urine Cultures and Urinalysis

Keystone Lab Announces In-House Testing for Urine Cultures and Urinalysis

Keystone Laboratories, Inc., a local laboratory out of Asheville, NC, providing clinical and forensic toxicology services throughout the southeastern U.S., has announced that they will be offering a fully in-house Urinalysis and Urine Culture test panel.

Adding these services to Keystone’s in-house menu eliminates the need for outsourcing these tests to other laboratories while also delivering faster turnaround times for our clients. This is possible because referencing out Urine Cultures to another laboratory delays the report by a full day. By also offering Urinalysis in-house, clients that do their own dipstick testing will be able to send samples for microscopy if desired.

“Reducing turnaround times and better serving the community is a constant goal for Keystone,” said Dr. Edgar Hartle, a Pathologist and Clinical Consultant at Keystone Laboratories. “Bringing this testing in-house allows Keystone to accomplish these goals while also potentially broadening the possibilities of adding other culture types in the future.”

With Keystone bringing the urine cultures in-house, we will expand the testing catalog of reportable antibiotics for gram positive and gram negative bacteria. By expanding our testing capabilities, we hope to provide better answers so you may create a better treatment plan for your patient.

Please contact Keystone laboratories for the full list of antibiotics that we have expanded our capabilities to in testing.

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Keystone Laboratories, Inc. is a dual CAP-accredited and CLIA certified lab providing clinical and forensic toxicology testing services for more than 35 years. Keystone has developed an innovative platform of services to ensure the success and growth of organizations throughout the United States. For more information about Keystone Lab, visit our InstagramLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook pages.

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