Does Fake Urine Work on an LC-MS/MS Drug Test?

Fake Urine and LC-MS/MS Drug Testing

Concerns about clean drug tests are growing as the opioid crisis worsens and recreational marijuana usage becomes legal in nine US states and the District of Columbia. While urine is still the most examined biological sample for detecting drugs in the body, its private nature can pose issues. Urine collection is often not directly watched, allowing individuals who wish to cheat to disrupt the testing procedure. When people see that their support or ability to avoid jail is contingent on passing a drug test, they have a significant incentive to cheat.

There are several online stories of people attempting to deceive urine tests. These include masking drug use with adulterants, drinking huge amounts of water to flush their system clean, and supplying other people’s urine. A growing number of people who wish to avoid a positive drug test are looking at their options. One of these popular options is synthetic or fake urine. This substance looks like regular human urine but tests negative for commonly abused medications.

Synthetic Urine

These devious urines are packaged in vials that may be readily concealed close to the body to allow them to heat up to body temperature. Testing or looking at the temperature of the urine is one quick way labs use to ensure they have a real sample. Most cups that the patient will urinate into will have a small temperature gauge that will light up when the urine is within the temperature. Having this fake urine close to the body will warm the urine up, making it pass that quick check.

Online sites provide instructions and product reviews for a variety of products that are fake urines. Vendors claim their unique formulations as being able to precisely duplicate the creatine concentrations, specific gravity, and pH levels found in real urine. 

Synthetic urine has become a major issue in compromising forensic drug tests. Many products are so plentiful that they may be purchased for as little as a few bucks online or at truck stops. Many states have approved legislation outlawing the sale and use of synthetic urine products. However, when there is a will, there is a way. 

Why Use a LC-MS/MS Drug Test?

This form of testing aids in detecting illegal substances, but it can also detect various concentrations of different medications. This method is one of the most accurate on the market today. The LC-MS/MS drug test is the way to go when looking for the most reliable results.  

Therefore, it is so widely used in drug testing. Compared to a rapid test, this type of testing outperforms that by a long shot. However, the cost of this type of testing is much higher than what you would find for a rapid test. 

 If you or your company needs highly accurate drug test results, LC-MS/MS drug testing is the way to go. 

There are several panels available for various reasons. While some people only need to test for one drug, others may require a whole panel. Our clients have access to each of these alternatives.

Why Is LC-MS/MS Technology Required for Drug Testing?

The drug testing process is an important phase in the medical business. It detects the presence of drugs in an individual’s system. This is how drug levels in a person’s urine, blood, hair, or sweat are measured. While additional testing procedures exist, none perform as well as the LC-MS/MS test. This is a very accurate method of testing that produces very reliable results.

In fact, this is the favored form of testing for individuals who are going to court. In some circumstances, it is also the procedure utilized for DOT exams. This type of test is performed following the initial short rapid test. This quick test is ideal for determining the presence of drugs, but it does not identify the number and type of drugs in many cases. Rapid testing also cannot detect some forms of fake urine. This testing is not as precise and accurate.

However, an LC-MS/MS test can, in fact, detect certain forms of fake urine. We want to think it can detect all forms, but there needs to be more research. That is why the LC-MS/MS method is superior.

LC-MS/MS is significantly more thorough than a quick test. That also means it is significantly more expensive. However, if accuracy is more important than time savings, you should use this test. It is frequently performed solely on people who have already had a fast test. However, this is not always the case. When you believe there is a reason that a person might be using fake urine, you should elicit the help of an LC-MS/MS test.

What is the appeal of an LC-MS/MS Test?

Because it is far more sensitive than previous approaches and can identify smaller levels of drugs, LC-MS/MS technology has grown in popularity. This procedure is also much more precise. It can identify drugs in small dosages while not misdiagnosing other items. These are either secondhand marijuana smoke or, as you may have heard, poppy seeds, which can produce a false positive for opioids. These erroneous results do not arise while using this testing approach.

Bottom line, if you believe that you have a patient using fake urine or trying to beat the system, you need to enlist the help of an LC-MS/MS test. This test is by far the most accurate in detecting drugs in a person’s system, even if they have done many things to water it down. This test is far superior to other types of testing.

Getting Past a Drug Test

Getting past a drug screen is something that many people work very hard on. While it is as simple as quitting the use of drugs, some find that very difficult. If you feel you have an addiction to drugs, you should seek professional help. While we only perform drug tests, we understand that sometimes using them isn’t something someone can control.

Our testing procedures are very precise and accurate. We work with our clients to ensure they get the most accurate results possible for their drug testing.

Keystone offers this testing method to provide our clients with the most accurate results possible. If you have any questions or concerns about this testing method, please contact us at 800-230-2991 immediately.

Work With A Trusted Toxicology Expert

Keystone Laboratories, a CAP-accredited North Carolina licensed laboratory and CLIA-licensed lab, is committed to helping you make important decisions that impact the safety and health of your patients with greater confidence. Clients in 48 states can get prescription drug and substance abuse recovery monitoring, specialized testing, workplace drug testing, screening, and program management services from Keystone. Contact Keystone Laboratories today to receive the industry-leading laboratory testing services!

LC-MS/MS Drug Test
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