Blood Drug Testing 101 – Understanding the Basics and Why It’s Important

Blood Drug Testing

Blood drug testing is an essential tool for detecting drug presence in an individual’s system. However, it also comes with possible risks and drawbacks. We want to dive deeper into blood drug testing to give you a better understanding of what should be expected as both an employer and a patient. At Keystone Lab, we understand that there are a lot of different types of testing, which can cause confusion. Let’s take a closer look at blood drug testing more in-depth to give you a better understanding.

Before undergoing a blood drug test, it is vital to ask about the type of test being performed. You should also understand its accuracy rate and any potential risks involved. There are different types of tests out there. As a person looking to have someone tested, you should first decide which type of test would be appropriate for the type of drugs you are looking for.   Furthermore, there are differences in the detections based on the testing method. 

Ensure Accuracy

Keystone Lab is an excellent option for blood drug testing due to our high accuracy rates and detailed results. While saliva testing can tell you if a person is currently on some substance, blood testing is much more accurate to find out more about the amount of that substance the person has been using. This gives a much deeper understanding of what drugs are in the person’s system. For that reason, blood testing is very commonly used by doctors to find out if their patients are taking their medications as prescribed. Furthermore, it allows doctors to determine if the level of medications is beneficial to the patient or if an increase or decrease is necessary. 

The length of time different substances remain detectable by a blood test varies depending on metabolic levels, frequency, and amount used. Ultimately, it is crucial to understand all aspects of blood drug testing to ensure proper use in any workplace setting while prioritizing safety.

Benefits of Using Keystone Lab

At Keystone Lab, we utilize cutting-edge technology to obtain accurate results quickly and efficiently. Our labs use cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, our laboratories are equipped with experienced professionals who ensure sample integrity throughout the entire process.

Our high-quality standards continue to guarantee precision and accuracy in our results, providing you with reliable data that will stand up in court if needed. We understand how important it is for individuals or organizations seeking blood tests to get accurate results quickly. This allows them to make informed decisions about the patient’s health or business operations going forward.

By using Keystone Lab, you can rest assured that your results will be reliable and accurate – giving you the confidence needed when making important decisions about the patient’s health or business operations in the future!

What Types of Drugs are Tested with Blood?

Blood drug testing is often utilized to test recreational drug use and athletes for performance-enhancing drugs. 

Keystone Lab tests for substances such as opiates, stimulants, amphetamines, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines. We can also detect alcohol and nicotine metabolites, accurately assessing recent ingestion. Blood tests are a tool to better understand the patient and what actually has been ingested over the course of time. It’s not as accurate to find out if someone has used drugs or alcohol that day, as you would need an oral test in that case. 

Blood testing is one of the most accurate testing methods, as it is very difficult to alter. Unlike urine testing, where people have been known to provide fake samples, blood samples have a harder time being altered. You can rest assured that the sample tested is, in fact, that person’s actual blood taken right from their veins by one of our phlebotomists. 

If you are a doctor looking to find out more about a patient or a business looking to screen employees, Keystone Lab has you covered. We offer blood testing, but we also offer urine testing, saliva, hair testing, and more. While blood testing samples are the most accurate, they are also more expensive than other methods of testing. Before ordering a blood test, be sure that you understand the differences in the different types of tests. 

Understanding the Results and Interpretation of Blood Tests for Drugs

The test results can significantly impact someone’s life, depending on their personal circumstances or professional commitments. This is why it is so important to understand how to interpret the results. This will allow patients to effectively explain their situation if necessary.

Once a sample is collected, it must undergo several steps, including screening and confirmatory tests. This ensures accuracy while avoiding false positives or negatives. To maximize the benefits, it is best practice for labs to offer both qualitative and quantitative interpretations. This means that the test results will tell you if they are positive for a drug and the amount in the system. This can vary from one person to the next. There are factors that will affect this, including the metabolic rate. However, the results will certainly show if someone uses drugs often, on a daily basis, or only once a month. This information is important for many reasons. This is quite often why the blood test was ordered. 

While blood testing has many advantages over other forms of drug testing, there are potential challenges to consider. Compared to urine or saliva, these tests are costly due to the high labor required during the collection and analysis phases. Furthermore, potential health risks are associated with taking blood samples from individuals. However, these risks remain relatively low. Certain medications may also interfere with test accuracy. This is why it’s so important that patients provide full disclosure prior to taking the test.

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Keystone Lab provides reliable and accurate results quickly. We offer comprehensive panels that detect even trace amounts. Furthermore, understanding how to interpret results is also important. This allows individuals to effectively explain their situation if needed. If you want to learn more about what is in a person’s system, blood drug testing might be the answer. Call 800-230-2991 to find out more.

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Blood Drug Testing
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