5 Surprising Benefits of Oral Fluid Testing for Workplace Drug Testing

Oral Fluid Testing

Workplace drug testing is an increasingly important tool for employers to ensure their employees’ safety, alertness, and productivity. To achieve this, many businesses prefer non-invasive drug testing options like oral fluid testing. This option offers the benefit of quick and easy detection of recent drug use in the workplace. This is ideal for businesses that need to protect their employees from potential risks associated with substance abuse. Furthermore, it’s perfect for those that don’t have the resources or time for traditional urine or blood tests.

Oral fluid tests are cost-effective compared to traditional methods. This allows businesses to reduce their hiring and employee retention costs. Additionally, these tests generate accurate results that are not prone to tampering or manipulation. This makes them one of the most reliable forms of non-invasive drug screening.

The collection process is painless and unintrusive, unlike other methods. Many other collection methods require needles or complex equipment to obtain samples. However, these tests can be administered quickly, providing immediate results. This allows for quicker decision-making during the hiring process but also when time is of the essence, such as during a time when you suspect an employee is on a substance. This allows businesses to better assess the situation at hand immediately. 

Keystone Lab provides comprehensive services relating to oral fluid testing, hair follicle testing, urine drug screening, alcohol breath testing, and more. If you are interested in learning more about our services, give us a call at 800-230-2991. 

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing in the workplace is critical to ensure safety and compliance standards are met. Traditional urine testing has been used for many years. But oral fluid testing is emerging as a more accurate and reliable method for determining recent drug usage. Here are five benefits of using oral fluid tests for workplace drug testing:

  1. Oral fluid tests provide faster results than traditional methods such as urine or blood tests. This allows for quicker decisions about employees without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.
  2. Oral fluid tests are highly accurate in determining recent drug usage. Since they rely on the presence of drugs in saliva rather than just metabolites, this type of testing can detect drugs at much lower levels than traditional methods.
  3. This type of testing is non-invasive. They are done using a simple swab from inside the cheek, minimizing discomfort for employees being tested. Furthermore, they can be performed just about anywhere without the need to have a restroom nearby.
  4. Oral fluid tests can detect more than one or two drugs at a time, eliminating the need for multiple testing types.
  5. Lower Cost: Oral fluid testing saves employers costs compared to urine or blood drug tests. This is due to the ease of gathering the samples as well as the testing methods.

Keystone Lab offers collection services performed by certified collectors who comply with all state regulations related to workplace drug testing. This makes compliance easier from an administrative standpoint. We also work to ensure compliance with state laws related to chain-of-custody protocols and HIPAA privacy regulations.

Why Employers Should Look Into Drug Testing

Employers must ensure their workplace is safe and free from hazardous substances. Oral fluid testing with Keystone Lab is a type of drug testing that offers benefits such as tracing hard drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol quickly with cost-effectiveness and accurate results in minutes. Furthermore, the collection is easy and doesn’t infringe on a person’s privacy. 

Benefits of Using Keystone Lab

Drug testing in the workplace is increasingly important as employers seek to create a safe working environment. While traditional urine tests can be invasive and costly, oral fluid testing offers many benefits, as you can see. We at Keystone Lab want to ensure that your testing is done safely and accurately. 

As you can see, oral fluid testing offers numerous advantages over traditional methods. They provide quick results with high accuracy and convenience for both employers and employees alike. Furthermore, the samples can be collected without any special equipment or need for privacy. This makes this type of testing very convenient.  

The use of Keystone Lab for oral fluid testing is increasingly popular among employers investing in drug testing. Oral fluid testing is non-invasive, quick, and reliable in detecting drugs within the body. Compared to other conventional drug tests, it is cost-effective and produces accurate results quickly. At Keystone Lab, we provide advantages such as quick and reliable results due to our advanced technical support and stringent quality standards. The collecting process is easy, accurate, and non-intrusive. This makes it ideal for employers who want to conduct drug testing without causing discomfort or inconvenience to their employees.

Furthermore, the reduced waiting time for results allows employers to quickly take action when needed. Keystone Lab is also cost-effective, with lower costs associated with sample collection and laboratory fees compared to traditional methods like urine or hair analysis tests. 

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Workplace drug testing is an essential tool for businesses to ensure the safety and compliance of their employees. Keystone Lab’s oral fluid testing provides several advantages over other forms of drug screening, including fast results, greater accuracy in detecting drugs at lower levels, non-invasive collection methods, and cost-effectiveness. Employers can maximize the benefits of their oral fluid testing kits by utilizing Keystone Lab’s services.

Employers should consider using these tests to ensure workplace safety, gain insight into employee well-being, and reduce costs associated with traditional urine tests. By taking advantage of services provided by reputable providers like Keystone Lab, businesses can create better working environments for both employees and employers alike.

If you are interested in learning more about our oral fluid testing or have questions regarding our other tests, we would be happy to assist. Our team of experts works diligently to ensure your testing is done safely and accurately. We take the time to help employers figure out what type of testing would best suit their needs. We offer not only oral testing but traditional testing as well. Call 800-230-2991 to find out more.

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Oral Fluid Testing
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